TITLE: Manager of Advocacy Outreach and Engagement

RESPONSIBLE TO: Senior Director of Government Affairs

DIVISION/DEPART: Government Relations/Strategy and Advancement




1. Engages with local Goodwill organizations to enhance advocacy and public policy influence.
2. Develops and implements grassroots/grasstops advocacy campaigns, utilizing the Legislative Action Center, social media and other digital strategies.
3. Leads planning of GII’s annual advocacy event

A. In collaboration with Senior Director of Government Affairs, has primary responsibility for implementing and managing capacity-building strategies that strengthen local Goodwill organizations' ability to mobilize and engage in public policy and advocacy.
B. Designs and delivers advocacy training that helps equip member Goodwill leaders to respond to opportunities and threats.
C. Partners with the Government Relations team to assess Goodwill members’ policy interests, capacity and competencies.
D. Develops and leads implementation of grasstops/grassroots advocacy strategies designed to influence legislative and regulatory outcomes on issues that impact local Goodwill organizations and communities they serve.
E. Supports coordination of policymakers' visits to local Goodwill organizations.
F. Engages GII team to mobilize Goodwill's grassroots/tops networks by equipping and disseminating information to the GII team and local Goodwill member organizations.
G. Manages and maximizes use of Legislative Action Center by coordinating with GII’s IT and Online Media Teams to ensure effective operations.
H. Ensures content on GII's Legislative Action Center is current and relevant. Maintaining GII's Congressional/Grassroots Advocacy database and generate reports and statistics that measure mobilization results.
I. Leads use of social media and other digital strategies to engage and inform local Goodwill members and stakeholders about public policy issues and advocacy opportunities that are relevant to Goodwill.
J. Leads advocacy event, advocacy awards, and virtual advocacy event planning and execution in collaboration with Senior Director of Government Affairs.
K. Engages with local Goodwill members and GII colleagues to develop deliverables such as policy statements and positions that local Goodwill agencies and state associations could advance.
L. In collaboration with GII colleagues, monitors resource materials, publications and newsletters to increase expertise in assigned state-level issue areas and to identify information and actions relevant to the Goodwill members and network.
M. Uses internal and external digital, written and oral communications to promote the how local Goodwill organizations engage in public policy at the local and state levels, including developing Ideas for Innovation case studies, and contributing to the public facing blog, monthly podcast, and internal MyGoodwill articles.
N. Uses available resources to review state-level trends and keep the membership apprised of new developments.
O. Leads management of assigned MyGoodwill communities to ensure they are current and tagged to support effective searches. This includes and is not limited to the Grassroots Advocacy Toolkit, the Voter Engagement Toolkit, and the Site Visit Toolkit.
P. Other duties as needed to support the GII team and local Goodwill members.

1 All duties are considered to be essential, unless otherwise indicated.

Internal: Work closely within the GII colleagues.
GII Members: Frequent engagement with local Goodwill member leaders.
Outside: Regular engagement with vendors.
Government Officials: Regular contact with government officials to support local Goodwill organizations in building relationships with decision makers. Additional engagement as needed to support the GII team.

1. Knowledge of state and federal legislative, regulatory and political processes.
2. Strong written and oral communication skills.
3. Ability to work independently and as part of a team.
4. Ability to work collaboratively with GII colleagues, local Goodwill member leaders, and representatives of outside organizations.
5. Understanding of grasstops/grasstops advocacy mobilization strategies.
6. Ability to effectively manage multiple priorities and projects and produce results on time and with quality.

Bachelor's degree preferably in a policy-related field
1. 3 to 5 years of experience in grassroots/tops mobilization.
2. Experience and ease using Microsoft Office and other computer applications. Expertise using online Grassroots mobilization products preferred.
3. Demonstrated ability to conduct research and analyze information.
4. Demonstrated ability develop curriculum that equips local Goodwill leaders to engage policymakers.
5. Experience effectively managing multiple priorities and projects.
Monitors and assesses risks and opportunities in the areas of policy and advocacy focus. Makes recommendations to management for action.
Sedentary, lifting 10 lbs. maximum. Walking or standing is required only occasionally. Requires long hours at a computer.
Work environment usually hectic with periods of high stress. Will need a positive attitude to meet daily challenges.

It is a part of every MST team member’s responsibility to adhere to our culture and our values. These values were designed by us and we have made a commitment to practice them.

Our board establishes our strategic direction. With our board, our management team develops our annual plan. We implement this plan with input and participation from our colleagues across the various functional areas of the organization. Results matter and our success is based upon the following shared beliefs which incorporate our values.

We are passionate about our mission. We are deeply committed to making a lasting impact on the lives of the people we serve. We foster a work environment that empowers and excites our employees to support our mission. We value people. We commit to build a mutually supportive, caring, accessible work environment. We respect each other, our members and all stakeholders; and we demonstrate this through collaboration, transparent communication and a sincere desire to understand one another.

2 All skills and abilities are considered to be essential, unless otherwise indicated.

We are ethical. We are trustworthy people engaged in ethical work, and we willingly adhere to a high standard of behavior. Our actions are consistent with our words and we maintain integrity in all of our relationships.

We are innovative. We constantly strive to anticipate and influence the rapidly changing environment and we develop new opportunities that meet our stakeholders’ needs. We challenge ourselves and each other to strive for excellence, to continually learn and to question the status quo.

We are accountable. We set goals and measures that are aligned with the strategic and annual plans, and we are fully accountable for the results. It is our responsibility to seek input, learn from the best and to continuously improve the quality of our products, services and operations.

We value our resources. We are committed to building a sustainable future and to being careful stewards of our resources. We are socially, financially and environmentally responsible.

We celebrate and recognize. We celebrate individual and collective contributions to our success and growth, and we recognize the value of employee engagement. Humor, friendship, compassion and laughter are important parts of our professional environment.

We value inclusion and diversity. We respect, value and celebrate each individual’s unique attributes, characteristics and perspectives. We are committed to an inclusive work environment that encourages participation and a diversity of thought and action. We implement corresponding strategies and initiatives that enable our organization to lead, thrive and remain relevant.










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